Our 200th Post!

I am always shocked when I realize it’s December and I’ve not posted at all during the year. Since we’re now at the 200th post, it seemed appropriate to get this in before the year ends. While I wish I had been more diligent about posting, nothing has really changed at NDQ HQ — we’re … More Our 200th Post!

NDQ Tip #486

Talking to friends and family about your efforts to save and invest toward your freedom may not go over as a popular idea. Remember the sobering statistics you’ve often read about the high percentage of adults carrying consumer debt. Remember also that most people live paycheck to paycheck and if that cycle stops, they won’t … More NDQ Tip #486

Tune Out the Noise

The concept of retiring early is not viewed by society as normal, so it’s nearly impossible to find mainstream support for your goal. How do you push forward and keep on track? Tune out everything and anyone who doesn’t provide positive encouragement. In fact, it will usually be best to keep your ideas and plans … More Tune Out the Noise

NDQ Tip #345

For your own health and peace of mind, when you’re off the clock, stay off the clock. Stop using your personal cell phone to check work email and messages unless you are actually paid to do this or it is included in your salary. You need down time. If you continually focus on your job, … More NDQ Tip #345