Shopping Smarter

My purse was dying. Once I realized the end was near, I starting looking for a replacement. For me, a good purse will last several years. I tend to use the same purse every day, so I stick to basic black to work with my wardrobe. I came up with a mental list of features … More Shopping Smarter

Work Travel

If you have to travel for work, find the most economical way to do so. I have a lot of flexibility with my work travel and can choose many of the dates I am on the road. But, there are ways that I can maximize my work hours and also save money of my own. For … More Work Travel


Overdrive is one of my favorite apps. If your library offers digital books, this is the app you have to use. For those using a Kindle, you check out books through Overdrive using your library account information, then it takes you to Amazon for the downloading process. It is quick and easy. In my area, … More Overdrive