You found this site for a reason. Maybe your search began with a question, such as:

  • How do I save more money?
  • Why do I have so little in the bank to show for all my hard work?
  • What would happen if I got sick tomorrow and couldn’t work for the next year or two?
  • Can you help me save for retirement?
  • I’ve just been downsized. Now what?

For many people, these questions can be haunting. If you don’t have something in the bank or in an investment account that can pay for your basic survival for months or years, or investments that will carry you through retirement, it can keep you awake at night and force you to live in fear. Maybe you accept a less-than-ideal job because it seems more secure. Or you stay in a terrible relationship because you’re afraid you won’t make it on your own with one income. Even if you have the security of a full-time job with incredible benefits, a debilitating illness can strike at any time and render you unable to work and support either yourself or your family.

Then what?

Starting today, you can be on the road to financial freedom. You don’t have to live like a pauper and you don’t have to live on beans and rice. You do have to learn to make choices and maybe go without a thing or two (or three or four) that you’ve  been enjoying out of habit. But you get to choose.

I’ll post tips that have saved me real cash. I’ll let you in on the tricks I’ve used to force myself to save and invest. I’ll send you to articles or other blogs to get more information. You are responsible to get your own tax, investment and legal advice from your own professionals who will know your situation and risk tolerance, and then give you the best advice. I’m not able to do that. All I can tell you is what worked, and is working, for me.

My goal is to invest as many nickels, dimes and quarters I can find. It does all add up.



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