Change how you watch TV

When I was barely scraping by on a grad student stipend, I dreamed about having satellite TV and thousands of channels I had gone without for so many years. As soon as I had a “real” job, I signed up for a two-year contract. The first-year rates were extremely low, but the second year rates shot up high enough to make up for the teaser year.

Sure, I was able to call the company and beg for lower monthly rates and sometimes that worked. Other times I would the get the promise of a lower rate and it would end up being a one-time reduction, then the charges would shoot back up.

Knowing I had Netflix and Amazon Prime with access to plenty of great shows, I finally jumped and called the satellite company to cancel the contract. My next call was to the financial adviser to tack that money onto my monthly investment transfer.

My TV habits have changed. Often, I knew I was only turning on the TV for background noise. In some ways, I still do this. But I also watch a ton of great shows and movies. I haven’t given up TV, I just watch different shows. I can’t remember the last time I watched a commercial.



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