Clutter is Robbing You

As I have already admitted to my obsession with saving and investing as much money as I can, there’s still a lot of “free” time in my life to think up other ways to save in areas such as time and mental energy. One project I settled on last year was to continually work to eliminate clutter in my home.

I live in a relatively small house, but it still amazes me how much stuff accumulates. Of course, there’s always something new coming into house, but making sure that unnecessary items also go out of the house is the real challenge. For example, the mail. I am a proponent of opening the mail as soon as I walk into the house and immediately putting the trash and extras in the recycle bin. Unread mail can cost you money, so if you do nothing else all day, at least open and read the mail. Aside from that, toss out immediately whatever is trash such as payment envelopes or extra pages that come with bills, or ads, or anything you can comfortably toss.

Each day, if I find something I realize has not been used and isn’t anything I value, I set it by the door so that I can load it in my car on my next trip out. During the week, I load as much stuff into the trunk as I can, then make a stop during errands to drop off at a great charity that GIVES AWAY needed items to poor people. If I am donating used and worn clothing, they can sell that to a wholesaler and get funds to house poor people. I love the charity that doesn’t sell things to the poor. They give me a receipt for my tax return and I go back to collecting my cast-offs for another week or two.

If you have valuable items and you feel enterprising, you could sell them on eBay or Craigslist or host a garage sale. If you do, make sure you take your earnings and put that money right into the investment account.

There are many books available at your public library that will guide you the hows and whys of decluttering. It makes perfect sense: keeping and maintaining stuff takes time, energy and money. If you get rid of the stuff you don’t care about, your home will be more comfortable, your mind will be relaxed and you will won’t be wasting extra effort on unimportant things.



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