Read, Read, and then Read some more

Once you get your investment fund up and running, you’ll have a lot of time in between paychecks and looking for little (and bigger) ways to save more for buying assets. It is time to begin your financial education, so you’ve got to start reading. I have listed a few books you can find at your public library or through Amazon Prime’s lending library.

If you’ve never read “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” by Robert Kiyosaki, it has to be your launch pad. The story doesn’t matter, but the lesson is critical for you to understand the point about buying assets. Your library or a local used bookstore should have a copy. Read it several times and internalize everything. Peter Voogd is a great motivator who introduced me to the idea of “mastery v. overload.” Pick a book and don’t move on to the next book until you master the concepts and make the self-improvements you need. “Rich Dad” is the book to master.

This journey toward freedom will last the rest of your life. There will always be new things to learn about, money tactics to master when laws and regulations change, and challenges to finding ways to keep more of what you earn. Get used to reading and learning, talking to other investors who use the same principals, and if you have kids, teach them how to be savvy with their own money.




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