Annual Raises

Did you get a raise this year? Even a very small percentage increase? While I try every year to not be insulted by the itty-bitty, everyone-gets-the-same-increase bump in pay, at least make it count more by taking that extra money and adding it to your investment account. Whether it’s $5 net or $100, if you don’t wrangle that money into a vehicle that will force it to work hard for you, getting ahead will not be in your future. Improving your life has to include building for tomorrow. It doesn’t look like much each payday, but over time those few dollars will act like your own employees and keep producing for you.


  • Compare your pay receipt today compared to a year ago.
  • Add the difference in take home pay to your investment account.
  • Promise yourself that all raises in the future will be invested immediate and transferred automatically to your investment fund.

Remember, the mantra around here is “it all adds up.” A few dollars here, another couple of dollars there. Before long, as the saying goes, you’ll be looking at real money. Best yet, all those little dollars will be working hard for you.



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