Drive the Speed Limit or Slower

I don’t want to kill all the joy in your life, but I will say that if you commit to driving no faster than the speed limit (and you’d be surprised how slow it feels most of the time) you will save in several ways:

  • Fuel. Your gas vehicle will get better mileage if you drive slower and use the cruise control to maintain that steady speed.
  • Tickets. Stick to the speed limit or slower and you will not get an expensive speeding ticket. A ticket will cost in fines, time to resolve with the court, possibly higher insurance rates and the possibility that you will hurt someone which is really expensive.
  • Peace of Mind. There is nothing like living life without looking over your shoulder. Stop trying to get away with things. Don’t speed, don’t lie on your taxes, and don’t try to benefit from someone else’s loss. The mental health benefits here are priceless.



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