Food ~ Your Price Book

If you’re new to grocery shopping and buying foods on sale, you will want to start a little price book. I used to keep a page back when I had a paper organizer. It was a simple list of standard items I regularly purchased year in and year out. Your list should include meats, including the type of cut; dairy products, cereals and pantry staples. I also tracked toiletries and household items like laundry soap.

When I saw a reduced price at the store, I jotted down the price at date. After awhile, it was easy to see which prices were truly a great sale. When the prices hit their lowest, that’s when I knew the time to stock up and sometimes buy a year’s supply on household items.

Track prices for several months then when you’re reviewing the weekly food ads, you will easily detect a fake sale. However, when you see a real sale, you can save several dollars per pound on meat. You can add that to your investment account and use toward buying assets. The hamburger will taste exactly the same whether you pay $5/pound or $2.99.



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