Fresh Start

Everyone has a past. Sometimes, that past can be literally cluttering up your live. Do you have furniture, decorations, photos or knick-knacks that remind you too much of a difficult past or traumatic relationship?

Moving forward with anything new — a new life, a new goal for physical health, new job, new city, or a new relationship — means giving up the baggage from the past. As you walk through your home, look at the items you own and surround yourself with. Ask yourself if the item brings you joy and a smile to your face or does it remind you of a sad time period? Regardless of any so-called obligation you may feel you’re supposed to have toward an item, even Grandma’s Hutch, it if is dragging you down you must move it out of your life.

You can offer up family items to others who might want them and be willing to move them. Or, you can donate them to a local charity. What you need to do is clear your surroundings of anything that holds you to the past. Being reminded of good times and memories is great. A constant reminder of trauma, or negative energy, or difficulty is not OK. Getting a fresh start in your home will help you start over in other areas too.



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