Planning Ahead Saves Money

In order to save a lot of money so that you can buy income-producing assets, make sure you spend a good amount of time planning. You know that you will eat more fast food lunches or dinners if you don’t plan your meals in advance, make a grocery list and then get to the store.

Good planning takes time, but during busier weeks you can take a few shortcuts. For example, if you routinely study the grocery ads weekly and then plan your meals around the sales, you’re likely stocking up on several staple pantry and freezer items, along with freezing your favorite protein sources when the prices are reduced.

Each week, spend some time with your calendar and figure out what the week is going to look like when you add in family time, work travel or appointments that need to be taken care of. By planning for some inconvenient commitments, you can make sure you will be prepared with a quick meal so that you not only meet all of your obligations for the week, you don’t spend extra money just to make it happen.

During less busy weeks or on a weekend day, make a few casseroles and freeze smaller portions so that you can defrost one of these during the work day and be able to heat up a quick meal when you get home. Then just tear open a bag of salad mix and enjoy!



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