Sunday Challenge ~ Declutter Surfaces

My Sunday Challenge this week is to clear off a few surfaces (counters, table tops, and desk) that have accumulated papers, games, miscellaneous office supplies and who knows what else. By keeping bills and paperwork organized, I will save money by avoiding costly (and unnecessary) late fees, I can see errors easily so that I don’t over-pay any bill, and I spend less time looking for things.

Clutter takes up our time and mental energy. As I clear off areas of my home, I will also look for items that I can donate to a local charity to give to a needy family. The more “stuff” I can move out, the less time and energy I will have to waste maintaining everything. That results in more free time or time I could be using to build my business or help out a family member.

Anything that wastes our time or takes up too much mental space has to be evaluated. Our plan here is to save money and use that money to buy income-producing investments. If you’re surrounding by too many things, it’s likely holding you back.

Let me know how your day goes.



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