No New Toys

When I buy a car, I buy used with cash, and then drive it until it dies. I’m still using a first generation Kindle. My cell phone is new, but I kept the last one longer than I had to and only replaced it when it stopped working. My iPad original, even without any new operating system updates, still works great and I’ve not replaced it.

You don’t really need all these new gadgets, especially when they first come out and the prices are at their peak. While I may not have the newest model or current system, what I do have still works and is more than enough for when I have time and I choose to fill the space with devices. Between the tablet, phone, eReader, DVD, and computers, I have more devices than I can spend time with. Then add in the available shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix…it’s a wonder anything else ever gets done.

Think about what you own already and accept that you have enough. You will save hundreds of dollars each year that you can instead use to buy income-producing assets.



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