Be Your Own Advocate

Medical insurance can be maddening at times. With some plans, it’s hard to know what’s covered and for how much. Even when you do know, until that bill arrives and the insurance company has paid its share, you never really know how much you will be stuck having to cover.

But what if you don’t think you were charged correctly? You must be your own advocate when it comes to medical billing. Call the insurance company and ask questions. Call your benefits administrator and ask specific questions about the coverage that you do not understand or feel is in error. When you know exactly why the insurance company isn’t paying for a medical service, figure out if it really isn’t a covered service or if maybe the doctor’s office or hospital made a coding error for your visit or procedure.

If you are not satisfied and continue to feel that the service should have been covered, you can then protest the charges by filing an appeal with the insurance company. These steps are usually provided with the bill or you can contact the company and they will get you the information. Make sure you file the appeal before any deadline, so do not delay any of these steps.



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