Something to show for all your hard work

I heard a statistic recently that took the Gallup job satisfaction number of about 30% and turned it around to say that 70% of people hate their job. Whether those numbers accurately reflect how people feel about their workplace may not matter as much as how you feel about your financial security year after year.

There are five full months until the end of the year. Think ahead to January when you receive your earnings and taxes paid statement. Will it be another year of looking at the gross amount and wondering where it all went? Will you feel hollow inside when look back at 2015 and wonder what the heck you were working so hard for? What is the point of trading time for money if you don’t keep a good chuck of it? Are you starting to feel as if work has lost its meaning for you?

When I see my W-2 in January, I want to see a number that reflects on what I was paid and that I can also use to gauge where I am in the journey to freedom. It becomes only one piece of an investment and savings program — the money coming in. I can then look at my investment accounts, the value of my other investments, the balances of my savings and holding accounts, stock values and retirement accounts. After I meet with my tax preparer, I can immediately see how my efforts all year long have paid off.

In the next five months, what can you do so that in January when you look at your earnings for 2015, you can be happy knowing that you kept at least something to show for the year? Read the July archive of posts that can help you get started in keeping more of what you earn so that you can buy income-producing assets.



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