Back to School Shopping

I used to look forward to back to school shopping. I love notebooks, pens, markers, composition books, and mechanical pencils. When spiral notebooks are on sale for a dime or less, I would buy a stack. Same with anything else for a dime or a penny even.

The problem with back to school sales is that I never really needed any of this. I still had a good sized stash at home of paper, pens and pencils. But the urge to buy came with every sale, every year.

Then I stopped. Not only did I stop buying school/office supplies on sale, I stopped buying Christmas supplies the day after Christmas when most items are 50% off. I had oodles of wrap, ribbon and tags already. I was set for years, so I stopped buying. The only things I stock now are paper products like toilet paper, tissue and paper towels; and laundry soap. I watch the sales and I never have more than a one-year supply on hand. There are a few other items I will buy more than one, but that’s usually because I had a coupon or there was a sale. But even after sitting out the back to school sales for at least two years now, I still have a good stack of notebooks, comp books and tablets. And pens? We are bursting with so many pens, I’ll be putting a few dozen in the donation bag.

Go through your home and look for all of your supplies. Get them stored in one place so that you can see all that you have on hand. Don’t forget to check your kids’ rooms. If you’re like me, you have more than you can use.



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