Shopping Smarter

My purse was dying. Once I realized the end was near, I starting looking for a replacement. For me, a good purse will last several years. I tend to use the same purse every day, so I stick to basic black to work with my wardrobe.

I came up with a mental list of features that I wanted to look for. The old purse didn’t have a great place for my phone. It actually had too many places so that I never knew exactly where it was. I also wanted a good shape/structure, and an absence of bling and noise…simple style on the outside, massive functionality on the inside.

When I finally found the purse that had the look, the storage and the feel I wanted, the price tag was about $80. Ouch. But then I saw the 25% off sign nearby and this brand was included in that discount. Ok…that knocks off $20. That’s great, but even $60 was feeling painful. I talked with a sales clerk about other discounts or coupons that were available. There was a sign in the store that offered a coupon for additional dollars off if a text message was sent. I asked him if the purse would qualify for this. He looked up the sale and said, no because the purse was a different type of sale. He then said, wait a minute, let me ring up the purse. There actually was a further markdown on the purse as the total came up to $45.

We’re already very happy together.



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