Work Travel

If you have to travel for work, find the most economical way to do so. I have a lot of flexibility with my work travel and can choose many of the dates I am on the road. But, there are ways that I can maximize my work hours and also save money of my own.

For example, if my travel is only during the regular work day, I have to pay for my own lunch. This is inconvenient and expensive because on a regular work day, I can bring a lunch from home and eat almost for free. Taking a lunch on the road is a terrible hassle and I end up eating at fast food.

Now, if I can plan my travel so that I have to stay overnight while on the road, I get two days of travel and nearly all of my meals paid for depending upon what time I leave town. This has forced me to plan my travel so that I am on the road at least one night and I actually get more work done on these trips. Then, with a night at a decent hotel, I can take my lap top and work on my book in a peaceful place without the distractions of home. It’s a win for both my employer and me.



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