Keep to your plan

The news is abuzz with the stock drop. While everyone else is busy whining about the end of civilization, what I see is a sale! Yesterday I increased my investments. No gloom and doom for me. I am in this for the long haul. It’s not gambling by trying to time the market but taking … More Keep to your plan

Book takes shape

For several long, tedious months, I have been editing a book of money-saving tips that will help anyone find lots of extra money in order to start or ramp up their savings efforts. When it’s all done, the plan is to have 500 great tips that I have used to spend less, save a lot … More Book takes shape

Cut out waste

Are you using too much product? The fewer household and personal products you have to purchase, the more money you will have toward investing. Today, start using less of everything. For example, use half as much shampoo and conditioner. See how it goes. Also, when washing clothes, start using less detergent. Cut down on the … More Cut out waste

Book progress

I have been diligently working on a book of money-saving tips that have helped me aggressively save/invest toward retirement. Some days, I’ve had to choose book editing over blogging and tweeting. Finding the right balance is always a challenge. But there has been an influx of new readers and I wanted to take a moment … More Book progress


Right now, walk around your home and unplug every appliance or device that is continually “on” or recharging. Stop the electronic sapping of your electricity and only plug in when you are using the appliance or device. Remember the motto here: It all adds up. NDQ  

How to Say No

Every day we are confronted with situations where we have to make a choice to either spend or save money. Sometimes, these situations are presented by family members or friends. How do you say “no” without hurting feelings or alienating others? 1. The Dinner Invitation When someone you are close to in your family or … More How to Say No

Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine? Years ago, I woke up at the last possible minute in order to get ready and get to work on time. In the last couple of years, I have developed a morning routine that ensures I have several hours of prime time to work on my own goals before … More Morning Routine