Work at Work

If you want to waste time, make sure that you save it for your own time, not your employer’s. When you’re at work, commit to working. That means: You’re not continually checking your phone or being disruptive with audible alerts/notifications. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are only on your work computer if it is clearly … More Work at Work

Disposable Income

I do not use the phrase “disposable income” because I believe it trains our minds to believe that any so-called “left over” money at the end of the month is available to burn at will. Sure, having a little money to spend on frou-frou is occasionally fun. What’s imperative to understand, however, is that you really … More Disposable Income

Weekend Savings

On a rare weekend with no plans, I accomplished a lot around the house and checked off a few projects on the pending list. What I also accomplished was keeping the spending down to zero. No shopping, no going out to eat, nothing. It has been pure joy. I have enjoyed great coffee, great food … More Weekend Savings

Tax Preparation

During the last quarter of the year, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about tax return preparation. Start looking at your files and set aside records that can be used for deductions and credits. You can also contact your tax preparer and set an appointment for the month of February. Giving yourself a deadline … More Tax Preparation

Work Wardrobe

I made a goal six months ago to find a different day job. I had lots of requirements and I seem to be close to getting an offer for a position that will be great until retirement in six years and even afterward as a consultant. I am beyond happy. However, what became clear early … More Work Wardrobe

Changing Seasons

Fall is quickly approaching. What does that mean? Warmer clothes, hot food, thick comfy robes, and steaming coffee or chia! It’s the season of comfort foods and anything else that warms you up and makes you feel good inside. Start thinking now about how to prepare for the cooler months ahead. Do you have warm-weather … More Changing Seasons