Time Management

Saving money so that you have more to invest requires good time management skills. You have to plan in order to find less expensive alternatives to the higher cost of convenience items. Last minute meals, shopping when you’re tired and hungry, late bill payments and not making time to open your mail all add up to wasteful spending.

This weekend, spend 30 minutes thinking about the coming week:

  • You know you need to eat.
  • You know there are bills coming due.
  • You know if you have events at night that will keep you too busy to cook from scratch.
  • You know when you’ll be out of town.
  • You know how much you hate standing in a grocery line after working all day.

Now make a plan. Figure out some fast meals, or meals you can prep on Sunday and freeze. Make one shopping trip and figure out how you can use up all you buy for less wasted money. Ensure you have the items you rely on such as coffee, cream, cereal and gas in the car. Your week will feel easier, you will have money to divert into your investment account and you’ll sleep better.



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