Entertainment without the Expense

When people begin to think about lowering their spending and begin an aggressive savings/investing program, an early fear is that there will no longer be any money for fun. Sure, entertainment is a category of spending that can easily be cut since it is considered optional unlike food and utilities.

Let’s consider changing our thinking about entertainment. For example, what constitutes entertainment for one person will be completely different for someone else. For me, I consider my streaming TV services entertainment. My home wireless is entertainment and part a business necessity. My phone is part utility, part business, and part entertainment.

Many people want to go out to restaurants and bars or movies for entertainment. Others are content with inviting friends over to their home and having a dinner and playing board games while drinking. I love a good museum or photography show, and these are generally free. But I also enjoy attending community theater productions.

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love. You can expand your definition of entertainment and re-think the kinds of activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Now that my investment fund is filled with thousands of dollars working for me, it too has become a source of entertainment.

Everyone decides what entertainment means to them. But don’t get caught thinking you have to spend a lot in order to have fun.




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