What motivates you to save?

Years ago, I would shop at Walmart and always noticed the senior citizens who worked as greeters. Most seemed like really happy people who enjoyed working and being around people. Then, the older I got, I started to meet more people older than me. I would hear stories about how people had to work well into their 70s and 80s because they didn’t have enough money to retire.

I was scared.

Until then, I always thought there was never a doubt that I would retire when I hit that magic age. I would quit work, sign up for social security benefits and enjoy my “golden” years. As I began talking with older family members, I began understanding that my idea of how the retirement years could be spent were going to depend more and more upon how much I had saved/invested over the years.

Uh oh.

What did I have to show for all my years of work? Nothing. Now what?

I went back to school so that I could qualify for higher-paying jobs. Then I set some aggressive goals to save and then invest that money into income-producing assets. That fear of being broke and working into my 80s really lit a fire in me. It drives everything I do and inspires me to do even more. My investment adviser tells me he’s impressed with how much I’ve set aside during the past two years.

In order to stay motivated, I started sharing my ideas through this blog and it’s why I am working on a great book of tips that will help anyone get started or ramp up their savings so they too can start buying assets and take charge of their future well-being. It should be available through Amazon by December, just in time for those New Year’s resolutions. I hope your resolution will be to get your financial future on track.



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