Holidays are Approaching!

With the coming of Fall, it’s time to start thinking about how you will enjoy the holidays without ruining your budget. Between October and January, there are several holidays that could find you spending more than you plan in the name of “fun” or “tradition” or any other excuse you or your family can dream up.

Start planning now. Sit down and look at a realistic plan for what you will spend for each holiday and set some boundaries. Make sure you have money to spend and that you will not be putting purchases on credit cards that you cannot pay off each month. If you’re already deeply in debt, look at this as a gift for your future and cut out every possible expense. Recycle old costumes for Halloween and limit the number and cost of Christmas gifts. There is no reason to make purchases you cannot afford. Let you family know up front if you will be opting out of gift exchanges. These are not mandatory. Be an adult and make decisions that are best for you.



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