Work Wardrobe

I made a goal six months ago to find a different day job. I had lots of requirements and I seem to be close to getting an offer for a position that will be great until retirement in six years and even afterward as a consultant. I am beyond happy.

However, what became clear early on in the interview process was that because of the industry/environment of this potential job, it will require a reworking of my current work wardrobe. I currently wear typical conservative suits, skirts, dresses and tops. I rarely wear slacks, but at least I have several pairs. This new gig would warrant slacks, one-inch wedge-healed boots or flats, and tops with no v-necks. It’ll be an interesting shift to make and I’ll put a lot of thought into making pieces work together and keeping the cost down.

There has been a lot of talk online about creating a “capsule” wardrobe consisting of several pieces that all work together to create different looks without spending a fortune. I will be focussing on this along with finding pieces that will work across the seasons and in the different environments my work will take me.

One piece of advice: find a great tailor! Most of the slacks I buy off the rack are too long. It doesn’t take much to make your clothes fit correctly. You have to budget for the added cost, but it is absolutely worth it. I found my tailor by asking a well-dressed executive whose style I admire for a recommendation. I have not been disappointed!

Another consideration I like to make with my work wardrobe is ensuring that the pieces are all “my” style so that I feel comfortable wearing them to events and activities outside of work. The more I can integrate the work and non-work pieces, the more money I save and it makes life easier.



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