Greeting Card Change Up

Have you seen the prices on greeting cards lately? What’s the use of buying an inexpensive gift when the card alone can run $5? There are alternatives to expensive greeting cards, but you’ll have to look around.

At Walmart, for example, there are a few lines of cards that are 99 cents. You can also find a small gift card with an envelope that is too small to mail but can be attached to a present. These cost significantly less than a regular card.

You should also look at the type of card, for example, while shopping for graduation cards this year, I saw that these were about $2 more than the cost of a simple “congratulations” card.

I have seen some small town discount stores or party stores that sell greeting cards for less than $1. If you send out a lot of cards each year, you can make one visit and buy all that you’ll need for the year. You should also have a couple of sympathy cards on hand as well.

Personally, I chose to buy a box of artsy note cards that are blank and I can use them for nearly any occasion that comes up. I also rarely send out birthday cards to family as everyone seems to be online and it’s easy to post a greeting.



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