The Cost of Commercial TV

If you still watch TV and pay a service to provide your channels, I beg of you: stop. We gave up a satellite provider and DVR last year and I cannot tell you how wonderful and inexpensive it has been. Trading commercial TV for Netflix has made so much sense but not only in the low monthly fee.

No commercials.

{Let that sink in}

No commercials.

I spoke with a family member recently who said they paid about $140 each month for services throughout their home. Yikes. Not only are you paying for TV, but you’re also paying for the opportunity to be bombarded with advertising. Now that I’ve been without commercials for so long, it makes a lot of sense. Lose the commercials and suddenly, shopping is different. New brands no longer get my attention. I can shop to my list, get what I need and then I’m done.

If you’re wondering how you will start finding money to buy assets, start with your paid TV service. The ripple effect of savings in other spending areas will surprise you.



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