New Job, New Routines

Recently, I accepted a new day job. I am still with the same employer, but will be moving to a new division that will offer more opportunities now and after I choose to retire (early). With any type of employment change, it’s a good time to look at routines and see what needs to be changed.

I keep a fairly consistent morning and evening routine, mostly because it makes life easier to manage. Having habits in place, for me, makes chores less noticeable and everything gets done more or less on time and with minimal discomfort. However, my new office will be in a different part of town, so my daily commute-time will change. This may take a week or two to figure out the best routes, best times, and learn how long it will take me to walk from my car into my building.

It will also take awhile to learn the culture of the new office and new co-workers, but I do expect to take lunch every day and likely eat at my desk so that I can go for a walk before starting the afternoon. As I look at how I can modify my morning and evening to best suit my work, I’ll be looking for any kind of cost savings possible. Even though I am able to invest a good chunk of money each month, I am always looking for new ways to save and increase that amount.



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