Pretend you are moving

One of the best opportunities to get rid of excess belongings is when you move to a different home. Once you realize you have to pack and move something,  it puts the ownership of an item in a new light. Especially when you’re moving across country and the cost of the move is higher, thinking about how much it will cost to ship an item may cause you to re-think its value to you.

Even if you’re not planning to move, you can pretend right now. Take stock of your belongings by pretending you are going to move far away, what items do you really want? What can you live without? What do you keep in spite of disliking the item?

You can then make arrangements to donate these things to a charity, have a yard sale or give them to friends or other family members. Even your neighbors might be needing or wanting something you no longer want to store.

Pretending to move can put you in a mindset to unload items you might otherwise keep.



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