Heat up your home without the heater

The chilly days of Fall have arrived. It’s tempting to turn up the heat and warm up the house, but when you’re working hard to earn money and want to buy income-producing assets, you have to save every nickel, dime and quarter possible!

Here are some tips to warm up your home:

  • Take advantage of the sun. Open blinds so the sun can get in and warm up your home during the daytime hours.
  • Open doors and windows when it’s warmer outside than it is inside.
  • Save laundry and using other appliances for when the house is cold. Washers and dryers will add heat as will cooking a casserole or a roast beef that uses a low oven temp for three hours.
  • Look for drafts around doors and windows and seal up the leaks.
  • When your body is cold, exercise to warm up or take a hot shower. Add clothes and thick, comfy socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Close doors to rooms you don’t need to heat.

Watch your thermostat and make sure other family members aren’t upping the temperature when you’re not looking.



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