Breaking a Bad Habit

Not all habits are bad, but some are costly.

If you buy all your meals at restaurants, this is a bad habit. Buying every cup of coffee at an expensive shop is also a bad habit. Paying others to do things you could easily do yourself is a bad habit.

Breaking costly bad habits isn’t easy. The key is to look at what causes the habit. If you eat all your meals out, it’s likely because you didn’t plan a meal at home. You need to develop a new habit of meal planning. If you pick up coffee every morning at a shop, maybe you don’t know how to make great coffee at home? Maybe you don’t get up early enough to spend 15 minutes brewing/prepping a cup to go. Or you keep forgetting to buy coffee and creamer at the store. Or you don’t have a travel mug. Or you are convinced you enjoy the experience of waiting in line 20 minutes to pay $4 for that latte.

Pick one bad habit that is costing you money. See where you can make changes in how you plan your day and week to eliminate the habit. Then do it. The money you save will kickstart a new habit of buying income-producing assets.



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