Energy Boost of a New Job

A few weeks ago, I started a new position in a different division of my company. While I am still in training for the new job, what is clearly obvious is that I have much more energy than before. Part of this is due to the honeymoon phase of a new position — everything is great, all the people are great, the work is great, the hours are great. It’s just — great.

Aside from the greatness, I also decided that I would start new habits on day one. The first new habit is to bring lunch. Every single day. Because of the stress of the last division I worked in, I felt I had to get out of the office even for an hour to free my mind and get even a little break from the craziness I was surrounded by. Another habit is that I have cut down on coffee and increased the amount of water I drink. I take a few refilled bottles each day so that I have plenty of icy cold water when I need it.

Finally, I am staying away from negative people and not engaging in any negative talk, including gossip or complaining. I am looking at every aspect of this new division and job as an adventure and a welcome challenge. On top of that, I’m getting paid.

If your job is making you feel depressed, anxious and hating Sundays, think about making some changes in how you earn your income. For some people, this means branching out on their own and becoming their own boss. For others, it means looking for a different opportunity that is a better fit for your personality, work style and goals.



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