New Job, New Savings

As I am getting acclimated to my new job and all the new routines that come with such a big change, I have found that my spending has plummeted. Why?

First off, I had to partake in a nearly two-month training program that was both intellectually and physically exhausting. That meant coming home each night and literally going to bed within an hour. There was no time to shop, no time to spend and barely time to pack a lunch for the next day. As training progressed, it got easier to plan ahead and stay organized.

Now that training is behind me, I am still feeling out the job, the new type of work I’ve taken on and getting to know co-workers and members of the public I will be working with closely. I’ve been putting in extra hours which again limits the amount of time I can shop and spend. When I do shop, it’s with a list that has been generated during the week, so nothing gets missed. It is much more organized than ever before.

Balancing difficult work and home life isn’t easy, and in time I will find that rhythm. But until then, I am enjoying seeing the extra money pile up in my investment account. That kickstarts each day just knowing that while I am dead tired each day, I have lots to show for it.

It all adds up.



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