Using what you buy

One of the topics I tend to harp on quite a bit here at NDQ HQ, is that if you buy a product you should use every last bit of it. I heard one of those 80/20 statistics that said people tend to use only 80% of the products they buy and toss out (read: waste) the remaining 20%. Earlier this year (I kick myself for not documenting the date), my daily lipstick was finally so used up that I couldn’t apply it any longer without using a lip brush. Not to worry, I like using the brush. Fast forward at least six months later, and I’m still using the brush but I am about at the end of the product. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the inner workings of a lipstick tube before, but I’m seeing more plastic than product at this point. Come January, it’ll be time to buy a new one.

If you are thinking about starting a spending ban, you can start with a commitment to using what you buy and that means using ALL of the product. See how this alters your mindset and increases the amount of money you have left each month that you can direct into income-producing assets. Surely buying investments is a better spending habit than stocking up on more lipsticks!



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