January ~ Financial Check Up

January Check List

  • If you haven’t yet made your appointment with your tax professional, make the call now. I like to set mine for mid February so that I get an early start, an early finish and any refund can quickly be deposited into my investment account.
  • Winter is a great time for deep cleaning your home and getting rid of stuff. Donate and toss, recycle and repurpose, sell it or junk it — whatever you do, just pare down the things you own and your life will instantly feel less complicated.
  • Change your furnace filter monthly.
  • When it’s cold, your faucets can easily freeze up. Keep open kitchen cabinets and even let a tiny trickle of hot water run continuously to keep those pipes happy.
  • A new year is a great time to start or increase the amount you save for investing. Commit to starting small or adding a bit to what you already allocate each month or paycheck.



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