How I cut the cord and have never looked back

It’s been so long since cutting off our satellite TV service, I barely remember what it was like to have TV. Then the holidays arrived and I found myself at the home of a family member. Oh, right, that’s what commercials sound like. They are SO LOUD. And political ads. Ugh. I remember those too.

For me, getting rid of the pay-for-TV service was about money. I was paying too much each month for something I watched and enjoyed, but knew I could watch Netflix and fill the time that way if I really wanted to.

The upside has been pretty interesting. I spend less at the store because I am not tempted to buy new products that I’ve been bombarded with images of through commercials. I am not irritated during the election cycle because I don’t watch all the ads or see TV news with video of mudslinging candidates. I feel I am a happier person because while I read the news stories online that interest me, I am not watching multiple negative stories every day.

So, if you want to save money AND feel happier, then yes, get rid of commercial TV.




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