Planning to Save

Saving and growing your money is much like anything else in life: if you don’t have a plan, you probably won’t succeed. Planning is key to achieving success in work, at home and with wealth building. Putting thought into your hours, days and weeks will pay off in the years to come. How so?

Let’s look at your daily plan. You have one, right? How else are you going to achieve anything if you don’t plan out what you need to accomplish every day? Bills need to be paid on time, or there is a consequence, such as a late fee or a disconnected service. You have deadlines at work each day that need to be met or you will won’t meet your sales quota and then lose out on that big promotion.

Splurging during the week, for example on expensive lunches or too many dinners out, for me has always been the result of poor (or absent) planning. If you don’t plan ahead with an assortment of meals you’re going to make, then plan on a time to do the grocery shopping and also plan out your days so that you make time to prep, cook and clean up, yes, you’re going to wind up ordering food at restaurants and blowing a lot of cash.

It’s not that I don’t love eating out. I do. But it cannot be an every day or every meal option. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks and coffee in between must be made at home in order to save any real amount of money each and every day. Food makes and breaks budgets all the time. Food is also the basis of our long-term health as well, however, and too much eating out just isn’t healthy. When we fix our own food, we have control over portion, salt, fats and other nutritional concerns.

Make it a goal to plan for the events we know are absolutes every day: eating is a great place to start. Dinner is never a surprise. It happens every day, so plan for it.



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