Freezer Cooking

There’s something about a cold, cold Sunday that makes me want to warm up the house with freezer cooking and baking. I plan out a few different casseroles on Saturday and buy all the groceries. After coffee Sunday morning, I can get to the prep work and begin the few hours of preparing the meals to be frozen.

It isn’t much work, but the result is a stack of 8×8 aluminum pans in the freezer than can be pulled out the morning of a busy night. The meal can defrost in the refrigerator and then can be popped in the oven after work. These meals are a relief when I’m tired from a late night of work, busy with events or don’t feel well. It keeps us out of the fast food drive thru and our budget remains intact. It’s also a great way to use bulk purchases of sale ground beef in order to save the most money.



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