Addicted to Saving ~ A Positive Affliction

There are all sorts of addictions, but my addiction really is about saving and investing. At least it feels like a safer addiction than many other options. I find that when I am conscious of how I spend money and when I make sure all of the savings gets channeled into income-producing assets, I have less regrets in the future. In fact, there are so many positive effects of this cutting back/saving/investing cycle, I have to list them for you:

  • A great night’s sleep every night. Why? Because I have no worries about where I will find the money for that unexpected car repair or higher than usual heating bill.
  • A happier and more optimistic outlook every day. I hear people talking negatively about their lives, their income and their despair over never getting ahead. They talk about the need to win the lottery or they will never get to retire.
  • A healthier body because my emotions are not manifesting into illnesses that keep me in bed, miss work and drive up expenses.
  • A clean house because I’ve been able to move out objects I no longer use and love. There is now room to breathe and more time the enjoy a relaxing environment.
  • A more productive work day because I am focussed on income-earning and reputation building, adding value each day on the job as I become the expert today that will lead to consulting in the future.

What’s your addiction? Is it holding you back or propelling you toward a better future?



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