Run your own race

When I was in middle school and high school, I ran track. We were pretty serious back then. As a club team, we practiced four nights a week, ran on our own Friday nights, and competed in meets on Saturdays. We took Sundays off to recuperate.

In track, runners are timed and learn to pace themselves. Our coaches drilled us continually on timing and being able to run the race we wanted in the time we wanted. We broke our distances down into quarters and practiced the intervals to be perfectly paced. When timing is emphasized to such a high degree, sometimes it was tempting to compare ourselves and our times to other runners. One of our coaches had a saying that I can still hear him say: “Run your own race.”

In many situations during adulthood, I have often heard his voice telling me to “run my own race.” When I start to compare my efforts at wealth building to other people who are farther along that I am, there it is, reminding me to focus on my own race, not others.

No one else can run my race. It’s all on me. My failures and victories belong only to me.


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