Waste is our greatest enemy

We can instantly have more money without getting a raise or winning the Powerball lottery. All we have to do is cut out our waste. Each one of us wastes resources each day: time, food and drink, gas, electricity, water, household and personal products and paper.

What are your areas of waste? At NDQ HQ, we’ve taken steps to look at our wasteful areas and figure out how we can buy less, use what we buy and end the cycle of tossing out uneaten foods and that last bit of product at the bottoms of product containers.

Why pay for things you don’t use, right?

One of the first things we tried was buying less food. Instead of stocking up the pantry as we were taught to do by our parents, we stopped buying staples until there was an actual need for that item. Have you ever looked at all the items you store in your cupboards? We are still working on eating through the pantry and it’s been months.

Look at your own areas of waste, cut them down or out, and you will save money. The money you save can be invested in income-producing assets.


p.s. Another shameless plug for the new NDQ Guide: 500 Tips that will give you actionable steps to jump start your savings and investing immediately. If you think you don’t have the money to start building wealth or you have hit a plateau, this book is for you!




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