My cheap chocolate trick

I’ll confess: I love to snack on milk chocolate at work. Now that my secret is out, I will let you know how I figure out a way to make my habit cost less.

One of my favorite brands of milk chocolate is Hershey Kisses. It is my comfort candy from childhood. But, bags of these silver-wrapped candies are a bit spendy and run more than $0.28 an ounce even at a discount store. Ouch. Yet, I love them.

Years ago, I was working a job where I have to answer and talk on the phone continuously. It was pretty difficult to eat one chocolate Kiss between calls, so I starting breaking them up into smaller pieces. That’s when I got an idea…why not buy milk chocolate chips instead? On my next shopping trip I checked out the prices and what a deal. The little milk chocolate baking chips were less expensive at $0.23 per ounce. I could now get my chocolate fix and save money, too. Also, without the foil wrapping, I am paying for less packaging.



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