The Savings of a Haircut

I recently got a haircut. It’s a little shorter than usual and I loved it immediately.

The next morning, I was in the shower about to wash my hair when I realized this new short cut would require less shampoo and far less conditioner. I used about a third of the amount I used the day prior to see if that small quantity would suffice. Sure enough, it did. Talk about savings! These bottles of product are going to last a lot longer now. I also spent less time in the shower rinsing, saving on water and heating it.

The other area of savings: time! It took a quarter of the time and effort to dry and get the tresses into place before I would see the world. And that finishing hairspray? I used a fraction of the usual amount. Now, of course, had I saved the money and skipped the cut, sure…all of these savings would have averaged out. But, I love looking fresh, polished for work and it gives me a mental boost to look good. When it helps save money, that’s just a welcome effect.


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