Another Successful Tax Return

I have to say, being in control of your money feels great at tax time.

I hire a professional to prepare my taxes and give me great advice for the next year’s strategy to reach my early retirement goal. This year’s appointment was, once again, a huge success for me. I cannot say it has always been this way, only since I changed my paradigm on work and money, then shifted how I spent, saved and invested.

My tax adviser noticed the difference two years ago and asked me questions so that she was sure she understood where I wanted to be financially. She gave me lots of guidance so that I would be prepared during the year with the needed documents. This year, the process was smooth, seamless and stress-free. There are so many financial and emotional advantages to paying for other people’s knowledge and skills in areas such as taxes, medicine and law. I value the advisors I have built relationships with and feel that when I have a great year, they enjoy my success as well.

The bottom line: For the third year in a row, I was able to lower my Adjusted Gross Income by more than $2,500. This will lower my student loan payments for the next 12 months. Even though I changed my withholdings a year ago to try to zero out my return, I am getting a nice refund that will help towards maxing out one of my tax-free accounts for this year. The additional money I’ll save in student loan payments will also go a long way toward meeting the max, too. Every penny counts!

Now I can start focussing on 2016 and making sure that the next tax appointment is even better. Let’s get started!


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