Using the 7 Habits® to Build Wealth ~ Habit 4: Think Win-Win®

In this seven-week series, we are using the book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” by the late Stephen Covey, and applying it to the NDQ method and philosophy of building wealth.

Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Our old way of thinking is that everything we do is a competition for limited resources. For every winner, we think there has to be a loser. We think “scarcity” rather than “abundance.” If we can shift our thinking that there’s plenty for everyone, we can get past this feeling that when we get ahead, it has to be at the expense of someone else.

There is more than enough for everyone! In fact, there’s so much of everything, we can get what we need, so can everyone else, and guess what? There will still be more to go around.

To key with this habit is to care about other people’s wins as you do your own. When making agreements with other’s, figure out how every party can win. Your focus should be cooperation, not competition.

How does this equate with our wealth-building goals? First off, you can’t gain at the expense of others. Don’t take advantage of people. Aside from bad karma, it guarantees your relationship will suffer. Don’t step over the ethical line and try to get ahead by dishonesty. Cheating on your taxes? No way! Work to avoid, that’s legal. Evading? Well, there’s a legal hell for that. But beyond dealing honestly with yourself and others, you have to consider what is in the other’s best interest.


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