Are you in the 15%?

Pew Research Center released a report in December on how American’s view broadband services based upon surveys from mid 2015. As part of the survey, participants were asked about their TV services and to me, this is the most interesting and informative part of the report.

Link to Pew infographic.

The study found that 15% of participants identified themselves as “cord cutters,” those who previously had paid for either cable or satellite subscription services. Another 9% reported never subscribing in the first place for a total of 24% of American’s not subscribing to either paid service type.

I find the 15% figure of cord cutters to be encouraging. The Pew results report three reasons given from the 24% of non-subscribers:

  • Too expensive (71%)
  • Can access content online or via antenna (64%)
  • Do not watch TV often (46%)

When people begin to realize how much they are paying for these paid services and the opportunity costs of that money, we should see this 15% on the rise. I know people who pay $150 month for cable to get their sports because they value the opportunity to watch all their favorite teams. If you use it, I won’t judge your choices. But for those of us less particular, we are able to find alternatives that cost less and will provide us with more money to invest in income-producing assets.


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