Investments make me cozy!

Many of you already know that I am a regular reader of the “Ask A Manager” blog by Alison Green. Recently, in an open thread, Alison dropped in a list of what she considers to be qualities of “coziness,” which is very important to her. You can find the list here: and just scroll down a bit to see the blue-shaded box.

Since that was published, I have given a lot of thought to the concept of cozy and how it relates to money. Some equate being cozy at home to curling up with super soft blankets and fuzzy pillows with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a book in hand. Sure, that’s cozy. But I find that having money matters under my control is also a form of coziness. Here is my list of things that make me cozy and are my non-negotiables:

  • Bills are paid on-time or early.
  • Ideally, bills are automated.
  • Bills are paid with my credit card to earn points (and pay off in full each month).
  • All income on direct deposit gets routed to investments before being deposited into my checking account (this pays me first!).
  • All tax free/tax deferred accounts are maxed first and early in the year.
  • Taxable investment accounts are secondary, but a must when you are saving a ton!
  • No car payments. Ever.
  • No consumer debt that cannot be paid in full by the credit card due date.
  • Don’t buy stuff just to spend money.
  • Take care of belongings so they will last longer.
  • Read mail. Make sure due dates aren’t missed.
  • Grocery shop with a list. It isn’t cozy when you forget the half & half.

What’s your list? Money can make us cozy is we take control of it, save it and invest it, then let that wealth support us when we choose to retire. I am cozy now but I also picture a lot of coziness in my early retirement.


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