March ~ Financial Check Up

March Check List

  • If you use a service to prepare your tax return, you should have an appointment scheduled by now. If not, make the call!
  • You have until the April deadline to make contributions to IRAs for last year. If you are on the edge with your AGI that might qualify you to deduct medical expenses, consider that IRA contribution to help meet that AGI threshold.
  • If you are expecting a tax refund, earmark your windfall for investing, not spending. It’s a great way to jumpstart your accounts and dreams.
  • The end of March marks the end of the Q1 for 2016. Are you progressing with your savings and investing goals?
  • Are you thinking about spring and summer vacations? Start setting aside funds now so that your vacation is paid upfront, not financed. If you don’t have enough money, pare down your vacation plans to what you can afford.
  • Need your air conditioner checked? Make the appointment now before the summer heat sets in and your service provider is booked solid with repairs.
  • Change your furnace filter. This is a monthly task that will save you money on your heating bill and your appliance will last longer.


p.s. Check out the new NDQ Guide: 500 Tips the guide that will give you actionable steps to jump start your savings and investing immediately.


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