The Secret Life of a Wealth-Builder

As I’ve stated here before, I generally keep my aggressive savings and investing plans to myself. It saves time, for one thing. I hate getting into long conversations to rationalize what I am doing. Those who don’t have the same goals are probably not going to understand and no amount of convincing is going to change hearts and minds.

But as luck would have it, I was engrossed in a conversation with a family member and the comment was made by him that I would likely not retire until I was 70. Now, what I wanted to say was a reassuring statement of my goals and progress on early retirement, I wanted to explain that in no way was I going to be working at 70, let alone 60. It felt insulting to hear, but I bit my lip and sucked in the disdain while only commenting, “yeah, I hear ya.”

Years ago, I never would have let their comment go without spending a great deal of time in the back and forth of convincing the other that I was going to this or that. It feels mature to just let it go and move forward with my plans. As much as the idea of working into my 70s pains me, saving the time and energy of talking about my “radical” idea to a non-believer is smarter.


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