Re-think your needs

Do you need to turn up the heat? Do you need to buy those new jeans? Do you need to trade in your car for a new one? Do you need steak for dinner?

Every day we face decisions where we are choosing between needs and wants. When we are honest and know the difference, even then we have to make even further choices that determine how much we spend (and save) on meeting needs or satisfying wants.

If you get the chills at home on a cold night, do you turn up the heat? Maybe. But first, look at what you are wearing. Until you are wearing a shirt, sweatshirt, sweat pants and thick socks, you don’t need to adjust the thermostat. Even then, I’ll make hot chocolate or tea to warm up from the inside before adding heat to the house. I will even start laundry or use the oven to cook dinner or a quick bread to warm up the house instead of the furnace.

Get creative and save!


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